day 56 smart phone case with pop tab mini buckle

I bought a sewing machine a year back. Stored it and never used it.  Today I decided to give it a go. This has taken up hours of my time. First it took me a while to get the sewing machine properly wired. After that i had to figure out how much material I needed. And then trying to sew itself. I took me 3 hours to get to this end result, but I made it. It even looks okay. Learned something new  today. The pop tab part is the belt buckle thingy in the middle 🙂

3 thoughts on “day 56 smart phone case with pop tab mini buckle

  1. Dank je :). Je bent heel snel met reageren 😉

    Ik vergat iedere keer dat je de onderdelen binnenste buiten aan elkaar moest zetten. Dus vast gezet, weer los moeten maken, weer vast gezet op de zelfde manier, weer los moeten maken. Ach al doende leert men, he 🙂

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