Day 79. Soda tab bowtie

Made the normal tie a few days back, so thought today, why would I not give a bowtie a try. This was the end result. I used the tabistry technique for it again

3 thoughts on “Day 79. Soda tab bowtie

  1. I did try to wear it myself. It makes you smile, because it looks fun and different. It is still in its prototype fase. I a going to try to make it shiny satin ribbon, just to give it a what more sofisticated look. If that is really possible, gigle 😉

  2. Could you please email the instructions on how to make this I really want to make a bowtie like this for my best friend I've Ben trying for months but I can't seem to get it right, this is amazing I would love to learn how to make this for him.

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