Stitching a cross stitch

The basic materials you will need to stitch my patterns are:

  • 14 count aida
  • nr 26 tapestry needle
  • DMC thread
  • embroidery scissors

Stitching instructions

  • A DMC thread consist of six individual strands. Pull 2 strands apart and thread the needle
  • Starting from the back side, bring your needle up through the bottom left hole towards the front. Leave a couple inch of thread at the back. Next, put your needle through the hole diagonally across.
  • Work your way across the row making half cross stitches, up at 1, down at 2, up at 3, down at 4, etc. Stitch over tail on the back side to secure it. It does not matter whether you start with half stitches that slant to right (////) or left (\\\\), the important thing is to pick one direction and be consistent



  • When you reach the end of the row, return in the opposite direction, creating a full cross (X) stitch.
  • When you need to change you thread, slip the needle under two or three stitch on the back of your work and clip with scissors. Then follow steps 3 till 5 with the new color

For the more visual learner

Stitching a cross stitch youtube video

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