Happy Bee Day cross stitch pattern

I have an other birthday pun in my etsy shop, but really wanted to design this one too. So this is the latest addition to my growing patreon collection.

You can find the pattern here

2 thoughts on “Happy Bee Day cross stitch pattern

  1. Sweet design, but I wish it was available on your ETSY store. I just checked out your Patreon shop and it looks like the “monthly” fee subscription doesn’t start anytime. To clarify, if I sign up today it still only runs thru the 30th of April. I may sign up in May and see what I think of Patreon. I’m just not as comfortable with the value proposition right now, being totally new to it.

    1. Hi,

      If you contact me on etsy I can make a custom order for you for this specific pattern. It will cost the regular price of 3 USD. You are correct in your assumption that if you would subscribe now that it will only thru the 30th of April. If you sign up the beginning of may, you will have the whole month to enjoy it. You can stop you patreon payment at any moment that you like.



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