Wren cross stitch pattern

The bird patterns I designed for you all are getting a lot of views, so I assume people like them. So I decided to design an other one. This time a this cute little wren.

You can find it here

Wren cross stitch pdf pattern

3 thoughts on “Wren cross stitch pattern

  1. I love the little birds. Keep designing them. I know someone that loves birds and I could make her a nice Christmas ornament of bird(s). Thanks.

  2. I love the birds also, but the kitties are my favorite! Is there any way your former cat cross stitch patterns would be available? Thank you! I had seen some of your past cat cross stitch patterns that were so cute!

    1. Do to new European regulations around solopreneurship and me having a chronic illness, I was forced to close my shop down.

      I moved to which is a subscription based platform. I am releasing my etsy patterns there slowly once a week.
      A bunch of the cat cross stitch patterns are already released there and there are more to come.

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